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Teaching psychology and psychotherapy

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Theory and practice
gestalt therapy

I LEVEL, March 31, 2023, Online

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An opportunity to understand oneself, resolve internal contradictions and learn to build happy relationships.



The opportunity to obtain a sought-after and promising profession as a Gestalt therapist

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An opportunity to improve communication skills, self-understanding and the ability to achieve the desired

The first degree of training in Gestalt therapy

To allow you to feel the effect of psychotherapy on your own experience, to learn fundamental psychological laws, to better understand yourself and the people around you.

A group of personal experienceswill help you get to know your inner world, look into your subconscious processes, get quality feedback, learn to understand the reasons for people's behavior.

Theoretical materialwill provide an opportunity to structure the received information and apply it in everyday life.

Techniques, exercises and experimentswill contribute to deep and qualitative changes, will make life more conscious, freer and happier.


You will be able to

Not only to change your own life, but also to learn the basics of the psychotherapist profession


It is better to understand and accept yourself

Be aware of your needs, increase self-esteem, resolve internal conflicts, learn self-support and feel inner freedom


Get professional knowledge in psychotherapy

You will learn how the psyche is arranged and according to which laws it works


Understand the motives and behavior of people

Develop emotional intelligence, learn to understand people's feelings, needs and reasons for their actions


Get experience of individual consultations

Having tested the effective methods of Gestalt therapy on yourself, you will support the theory with practical experience

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Learn to build relationships

Gestalt therapy methods allow to improve mutual understanding with people (partner, relatives, colleagues)


Continue your studies and get a Gestalt therapist certificate

After completing the first degree of Gestalt therapy, you can enroll in the second degree and master the profession of psychotherapist


Training format

The Gestalt therapy training program (1st degree) is designed for six three-day sessionsiy Classes are held once every one and a half to two months during the year. Each session lasts three days: Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

After the second meeting, the group closes and does not accept new members. 

Each three days will include practical exercises, gestalt experiments, theoretical material, individual and group work with participants. 

To participate in the first degree group, the presence of a psychologist's diploma is not mandatory. 

The program meets the standards of the European Association of Gestalt Therapy (EAGT).

Upon completion of the training program, a certificate of completion of the 1st degree of the All-Ukrainian Union of Practicing Psychologists "Gestalt Approach" is issued, which allows you to continue studying at the 2nd degree of professional training of Gestalt therapists.

The next meeting is March 3, 2023
Venue: Online


Learning topics

1. Familiarity with the Gestalt therapy method. The history of the formation of Gestalt therapy.

2. Basic concepts of Gestalt therapy: organism, environment, phenomenon, unconscious, awareness, creative adaptation, contact, interruption of contact.

3. Concept of a living process. Consumption and allocation. Assimilation. Resistance. Conceptfigure and background.

4. Field theory in Gestalt therapy. Phenomenology and field thinking. The relationship between a person and his environment.

5. Contact theory in Gestalt therapy. Contact boundary and creative adaptation. Methods of contact. Contact cycle.

6. Ways of interrupting contact. Their formation and features. Different forms of perception and description of reality.

7. Paradoxical theory of changes. Acceptance and rejection. The principle of "here and now".

8. Responsibility and choice in Gestalt therapy. Awareness and responsibility. Responsibility for one's own needs. Gestalt closing techniques. Completion of unfinished situations.



Oleksiy Vinogradov

- Accredited Gestalt therapist VOPPGP
- VOPPGP supervisor
- Leader of psychotherapeutic groups
- Founder of the Gestalt Club union
- Host of psychological video blog
- Co-organizer of the gestalt intensive "Space of relations"
- More than 12 years of psychotherapeutic practice


Lyudmila Pidluzhna

- Associate trainer of the "Ukrainian Gestalt Institute" VOPPGP, supervisor, Gestalt therapist, organizational consultant
- Practicing psychologist, 25 years of counseling experience, more than 20 years of psychotherapy
- Leader of the specialization "Organizational consulting in the Gestalt approach" of the Ukrainian Gestalt Institute of the Ukrainian Gestalt Institute
- Business consultant with more than 15 years of work experience
- Participation in political and television projects, leading training groups, working with teenagers on the "hotline"

Tuition fee: $150

In one three-day session

The training consists of 6 three-day sessions, meetings once every 2 months 

Contact phone: +38 063 440 4996

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