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Psychotherapist, supervisor,

business consultant

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consultations online

+38 063 440 49 96


I invite you to individual psychotherapy consultations, where you can understand yourself, find the strength to overcome life's difficulties and qualitatively change your life.

I will help overcome the crisis period, identify and change unconscious destructive attitudes, get out of the "vicious circle" of repetitive life scenarios, and complete unfinished situations from the past. And I'll just support you in a difficult moment.

Psychological help is an opportunity to rethink your life. Get rid of what gets in the way, filling in what is important and adding what is missing. This is an opportunity to start breathing fully, to receive and give love, to accept yourself and allow yourself to be happy.

In what cases should you contact me?

- Issues of relationships, love, closeness, male-female relationships

- Low self-esteem, strong internal criticism, search for self-support


- A feeling of loneliness, lack of a partner, difficulties in communication

- Issues of money, career, social realization

- Sexual sphere: improving the quality of intimate life, sexual injuries, difficulties related to sexual orientation

- Child-parent relationship

- Psychological injuries, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)


- Loss of loved ones, grief, psychological crises

- Fears, phobias, severe anxiety, panic attacks


...and other issues in which you need psychological help

I am a gestalt therapist and you might be interested to know

What is Gestalt therapy?

This is a wonderful direction in psychotherapy that has helped many people! I consider it my mission to popularize gestalt, so I create such popular science videos.


Experience and education

Individual psychological counseling since 2006
Conducting psychological groups  since 2006
Business consulting since 2012

National Pedagogical University named after N.P. Drahomanova, specialty "psychology"

Gestalt therapist at VSPP "Gestalt-approach" and Kyiv Gestalt University
- specialization "Gestalt approach in sexology and sexopathology"
- specialization "Organizational consulting in the Gestalt approach"
- Working with the body in the Gestalt approach

Supervisor at VSPP "Gestalt approach"

And a little more about me

Founder of the "Gestalt Club" community, an audience of more than 200,000 people:
Site,Facebook,Instagram,Telegram,Facebook in Ukrainian,Instagram in Ukrainian

Promoter of psychotherapy:YouTube,Tiktok

Co-founder of Gestalt Intensive "The space of relations

My pages in social networks:Facebook,Instagram,Telegram

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